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Outcomes of the Conference

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RESPIRO Conference on Socially Responsible Procurement


3-4 December 2007, Lille, France

The issue of socially responsible procurement (SRP), within the broader context of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR), was addressed in two important sectors:

As Europe’s largest industrial employer, efforts to promote CSR principles - e.g. healthy and safe working conditions, using sustainable building materials and excluding the use of child labour - can have a significant impact on many people

Textiles and Clothing
A sector under high pressure from global competition where CSR principles such as quality employment can help to profile European industry and improve the conditions of millions of workers

The event served as the final Conference of the European RESPIRO project which aimed to increase the inclusion of social requirements in public and private sector purchasing activities through encouraging an exchange of experiences between public and private sector procurers and suppliers.


Photo: Lille Tourism/ Maxime Dufour Photographies