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To ensure that the guidance on SRP developed in the project is relevant and useful for end-users (policy makers, purchasing officers, etc.), two sets of expert Sounding Board meetings were organised during the course of the project. The main purpose of these meetings was to consult with a broad range of experts (e.g. purchasers, industry representatives, trade unions, NGOs, regulators) on how purchasing decisions can made socially favourable for the given sectors.



Sounding Board Meeting I: 11-12 June 2007, Brussels


The first round of Sounding Board meetings, hosted by EUROCITIES, was used to bring experts together to discuss, in detail, the recommendations and criteria proposed for various issues that will be addressed in each sector (constuction, and textiles and clothing). The results will be used to draft two guides on SRP for each sector.

For more information on the Sounding Board Meeting I please download:




Sounding Board Meeting II: 25 September 2007, Florence


The second round of Sounding Board meetings, hosted and supported by the Region of Toscana, was held to bring together the same expert group to comment on the draft guidance (in the form of two guides) produced following the first round of Sounding Board meetings.

For more information on the meetings please download: